SOAR is one of Ontario’s fastest growing road racing organizations.  We provide a fun, competitive and exciting place for racers to explore their skills in a family club environment.  Whether an expert or novice, we continue to offer a challenging place to explore racing in Ontario.  Join us at one of our events, you will not be dissapointed........

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Time to start the second half of the 2016 season, which brings us to a rider favourite - the Screaming Alien.  This layout is an equalizer for the smaller machines.  During the final few rounds, the racing action will sure to be spectacular, with leaders trying to pull away for the run to the championship. No easy feat as the rest of the field will be on their heels, reeling them in, hopefully taking all important points.

So far in 2016 we have enjoyed large grids, for the most part stellar weather, the introduction of the SuperMoto class – a crowd favourite, introduction of the MyLaps Timing system – even the pit bike race went off without a hitch.  All of this, not to mention some AMAZING racing.  Please come out and keep the momentum going for Round Four.

We still have a limited number of MyLaps X2 transponders available. They come with a one year subscription. The price is $180 plus tax until they are gone. If you want to pre-order one, please forward an email to info@soaracing.ca.  I can send the transponder number allowing you to pre-register it so all you need is an activation which can be done at registration in a few minutes.

Don’t forget, preregistrations must be received by Tuesday, August 23, 2016 no later than 8pm to quality for pre-registration pricing.  Round Four Schedule of Events has also been posted

I am looking forward to another great round of racing.

See you all at the track!

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Once again SOAR celebrates the lives of past SOAR principals. We started SOAR in 2008 with our first race taking place in 2009.  In July, that same year, we lost Steve Shreeve. Steve was an original principal and catalyst in the starting of SOAR.

Two years ago we also said goodbye to our starter Jeff Waller. Jeff was not just the starter, he was also one of the originals in the forming of SOAR, and my friend for decades.

Every year during the July round, we honor these men and remember the other SOAR family members that have left us too soon by hosting a huge party and fun, themed race. On Saturday evening, SOAR will be hosting our traditional BBQ with the amazing chef JP Dillon on the grill. After that is a night of dancing to the sounds of The Rebneys. This is SOARs own Tyler (Baby Jesus) Wilson’s band. Tyler was also close with both Steve and Jeff, so this is especially meaningful. We hope everyone will come and join us. We will break bread, wash it down with a Coors Light, and no doubt laugh a lot, even while shedding a tear or two.

Keeping with tradition we will be holding the 7th Annual Steve Sheeve Memorial Speed Challenge on Sunday at lunchtime. This is a sight to behold with costumed racers competing in a pit bike race. This may be the final season in its current state. Considerations are being given to altering the challenge in 2017, but more on that later.

This round is Reverse Technical, and a racer and spectator favourite!

We are also introducing our brand new AMB X2 Timing System http://www.mylaps.com/en/x2  As you all know, we have shied away from this style of timing because of the transponder costs/associated workload for our staff, preferring the RFID system. That said, the original RFID system used up until a few years ago, died, when that company was bought out and support ended. The second customized RFID software has failed to meet our expectations, even after pouring in thousands of dollars with the purchase of state of the art hardware and custom software design.  Although the decision to discontinue this project was difficult, as we would like to see it through to completion, realistically, we don’t want to keep investing in unknowns.  This decision didn’t come lightly, and while I appreciate that there may be some against us doing this, due to costs, we have done our best to keep your financial hit to a minimum. In the end, the decision was to move forward with an industry standard system, which will help lift some workload from our staff.

I have negotiated a great deal with AMB for a bulk buy of the brand new X2 transponders.  We will have 100 on hand.  http://www.mylaps.com/en/products/x2-transponder-bike/1623  They will be available to rent for $50/weekend or purchased outright for $160 to SOAR licensed racers. This is a onetime deal and is priced way below market value. AMB also offers an optional online subscription.  It’s my understanding that this offers a rider a series of benefits/stats/ graph overlays/history etc. Please contact AMB directly regarding those details.  The subscription is optional.
Please have patience while our staff gets up to speed with the system/software etc. We will proceed as fast as we can with it. It is our intention to integrate the live timing capabilities, once the system is up and running.

With the addition of the AMB system, we will also have our new digital countdown timer installed in the pit area for our endurance race (hopefully this is the right one this time).

As a reminder, all pre-registrations must be in no later than 8pm, Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Your pre-registration must be paid in full in order to quality.  Round Three Schedule has been posted.

SOAR continues to move forward and is committed into investing in our sport.
Please come out and join us for this awesome round.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Results from Round Two have been posted.  Points will be updated soon.

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