SOAR is one of Ontario’s fastest growing road racing organizations.  We provide a fun, competitive and exciting place for racers to explore their skills in a family club environment.  Whether an expert or novice, we continue to offer a challenging place to explore racing in Ontario.  Join us at one of our events, you will not be dissapointed........

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 The SOAR 2015 Season has come to a close.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and racers for making this another great year.  Note that all final results are posted. 

Mark your calendars:

The SOAR 2016 Superbike Series Schedule has been posted. 

The SOAR Annual Awards Banquet will be on January 16, 2016 in Brampton.  More details to follow.


Well the 2015 edition of the SOAR Superbike Series has come to an end and what an end it was. We had extremely close battles up to the last round with ties in two classes. Our grids were large all season. The custom timing system is finally up and running - albeit still in a beta stage, but is coming along nicely. Weather was almost perfect all season despite doom and gloom forecasts every round.

Now onto the first Ontario/Quebec Championship shootout. While this series was designed to allow for equal competition across multiple regional series, it hasn't been quite as successful as we would have hoped.  The eastern series has been a bit slower coming to the table. It was originally set up that a rider needed a certain number of points to be eligible to participate. The reality shows that few eastern series riders will qualify and fewer yet will likely participate.  It has been decided to forego the qualifying points and allow any licensed rider to come and participate. We will revisit this over the winter for the 2016 season. The layout for this round will be Reverse Technical.

So, what does this mean? It means that we will run all normal SOAR classes. The ones designated as championship classes will remain so. The rest will be trophy dashes with no SOAR points with the exception of the Racer5 Endurance Series which was always schedule to be a six-round series.  Visit our results page to view this year’s champions and current point standings.

Please come out and enjoy our last event of 2015. Don't forget that's it is also our annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck Feast. For any who have not witnessed it, it’s a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for two hundred. This alone is worth the trip.  Our Facebook page has the Potluck Food List already started – please contribute by putting your items down on the list.  Visit our schedule page to view the weekends events.

I am humbled by the support shown to our series. It has come a long way in the seven years we have been in operation. This is 100% fuelled by the people in it, our sponsors and a great group of SOAR staff members that have supported it since the beginning. Please come out and celebrate with The SOAR Family - one last time in 2015.

Reminder:  Pre-registration closes at 8pm on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

Ken McAdam
SOAR  Director


We are now coming to the penultimate SOAR Superbike Series 2015 season. Its time for racers to challenge their position, defend a position and earn enough points for an invite to the first ever Ontario/Quebec Motorcycle Road race Championship being held in October at Grand Bend Motorplex.

So far this season, SOAR has been blessed with fine weather and good turnouts at the first three rounds. I have a request into Environment Canada to continue their great work keeping our riders dry.

Pre-registration deadline is Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 8:00pm.  You must get a confirmation.  Round Four Schedule of Events is now posted.

Come enjoy the races and the beach at Canada's safest racetrack. See you all there.


SOAR Superbike Series started holding a memorial weekend to remember those people responsible for helping with our formation. In 2008 a small group of former racers and friends met in my living room and during discussion of racing times gone by, decided that we could do it better and decided to give it a try. One of these people was my friend and teammate Steve Shreeve. Unfortunately we lost Steve at our second ever round July 2009 at TMP. As a group it was decided that we would honour his memory every July and our Memorial Round was born. Steve was a real character and the weekend was all about fun and celebration.

Unfortunately last July we lost another one of our founders in Jeff Waller.  Jeff was critical in SOAR's success and will always be part of SOAR, loved and missed by all he touched.

The 2015 edition of the Memorial Round is upon us and we hope you and your family can come and join in the celebration of two of our founding members. There will be a free bbq and live band featuring the Checkerboard Floors with our own Tyler Wilson on Saturday night. As always we will have our costumed pit bike race Sunday at lunchtime. Anyone who has ever witnessed this spectacle will attest that it is something to behold and not to be missed. Everyone is invited to participate.
Along with all the fun off track, we are hosting Round 3 and our first reverse round of the 2015 season. This season has been shaping up into close fights in many classes and as the year enters the half way mark,  points are become more critical and the racing more intense. New classes are growing and with the Ontario/Quebec Provincial Championship Runoffs just a few rounds away, all the racers are intent on accumulating the points required for qualification - guaranteeing a big show for the fans.

What’s better than motorcycle racing at Canada's safest race track - Grand Bend Motorplex- built at one of Ontario's premier beach resort towns in July?.....absolutely NOTHING!

Round Three info and schedule of events is now posted.  See you at the track.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director



Thanks to all who came out for Round Two of the IBEW Local 120 SOAR Superbike Series.  Special thanks to IBEW Local 120 for sponsoring a GREAT weekend! 

Round Two Results have been posted and Point Standings have been updated.


CANADA'S Largest Motorcycle racing event is here!!!!!  June 19-21 at Grand Bend Motorplex. This is the one event that is not-to-be missed if you are a motorcycle fan.

SOAR Superbike Series sponsored this weekend by IBEW Local 120, heads out on the Modified layout for Round #2 with a full line-up of exciting classes including the three-hour endurance race. All of this, while simultaneously, on the drag strip, motorcycle drag racers show the crowd the explosive sport known as drag racing. Saturday the all-brand Summer Sizzler event will take place and then on Sunday, the "Harleys by the Beach" including the Nitro Harleys.

SOAR competitors please note the paddock map. It is posted on the Round Two Schedule Page.  As this weekend draws in huge crowds and due to the high volume of drag racers, it is imperative that we set up our pit area to maximize the space available.

PLEASE park nose in against the fence or grass. Nobody is to be parallel on outside edges only up the middle back-to-back. We WILL move you if you ignore this policy. It's only courteous to your fellow competitors. Also if you are just supporting a racer and not racing, please find a spot in the grass and do not take up paved paddock. All tow vehicles will be parked in grass area adjacent to the pits NOT ON PAVED PITS. Please leave space around pits to pass crash rig and ambulance. The map is only for pits that are on or attached to pavement.  There are 85 spots on pavement, 9 on grass with access on pavement, 13 gravel with access on pavement. If you are ok to pit on grassy area or gravel please feel free to pit there.

So, that being said, get your pre-entries in now.  Deadline for pre-registration is Tuesday, June 16th at 8pm.  You must have a confirmation of pre-registration.  If you don't receive a confirmation, then you did not pre-register.  All confirmations are sent via email.

See you all at the track!

Ken McAdam, Director


Results and Point Standings have now been updated from Round One.  Thanks to everyone who made it out and we can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks.

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