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How do I purchase a SOAR License?
To race with SOAR you must have completed an accredited race school program or hold a valid race license with a SOAR approved race organization. You must also pay the current year license fee. The fee remains the same all year regardless of how many events are left.

If you do not hold a race license with any other organization, you must provide SOAR Officials with a copy of a successful completion of an accredited school. SOAR offers a race school every Friday before each event. You must pre register for the SOAR race school. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at or by contacting us through this website.

The current SOAR Race License Application form can be found on our website in the FORMS section.

SOAR does offer a one-time license per calendar year. The licensing requirements are the same. The cost of a one-time license is $56.50 including tax. If a racer chooses to race with us a second time in the calendar year, the full license fee will apply. SOAR will deduct the one-time fee off of the regular license.

What other race organizations licenses does SOAR recognize?
SOAR recognizes many different racing licenses from Canada and the US. The best answer would be is to contact us. Please note that when completing a SOAR License Application form you must specify which racing body you currently have a license with and include a copy of the license for our records.

How much does a SOAR license cost?
A current SOAR 2017 Race License costs $152.55 - tax included.

How do I renew my SOAR License?
To renew your SOAR License, please fill out the SOAR License Application Form found on our web site. If you renew before the January Toronto Motorcycle SuperShow, SOAR will reserve your License/Bike number from the previous year. After the January show, your SOAR competition number be opened on a first come, first served basis.

What is involved in obtaining a SOAR license for a minor?
In order for a minor (under the age of 18) to participate, the same license requirements apply however; a legal guardian of the minor must sign and date all applicable forms. This includes all license, practice and race registration forms.
Where do I find technical information to prepare my bike to race with SOAR?
All technical information regarding motorcycles can be found in our official rule book. For specific questions, please contact us by

Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have a question that is not covered in our rule book please send us an e-mail (see above).

What needs to be safety wired?
Please read section 13 motorcycle requirements in our rule book. A SOAR Tech Inspector may have additional requirements for your machine.

What are the requirements if I am only participating in the “on-track, track day”?
The following is a quick summary for anyone participating in our On-Track sessions (track day). A SOAR Tech Inspector may ask you for additional requirements. Please refer to section 13 of our rule book for motorcycle requirements.
Please note that registrations for participation of the track-day (on-track) must be facilitated through Grand Bend Motorplex.

  • Coolant must be drained and replaced with water and water wetter.
  • All lights and mirrors must be removed or taped.
  • Brakes must be in good shape.
  • Tires must be in good shape and appropriate for track use.
  • Riders must use full leathers. Either one piece or zip together (360°) two-piece.
  • Riders must have leather gloves with material covering completely to sleeve.
  • Riders must have leather boots covering ankle.
  • Riders must use full face helmet Snell 2000 or better with eye protection.
  • Motorcycle must be in overall mechanically sound condition.
  • Motorcycle may not be over 103db.
  • Rider must be comfortable riding in a mixed class.
  • Motorcycle must pass tech inspection at beginning of day and must be able to pass tech at any point throughout the event.
  • Any crashed motorcycle must be re-teched before reentering the track.
  • SOAR reserves the right to pull any rider who is deemed to be dangerous to him/herself or others.
  • No consuming alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise) in pit area during the event.

What helmet requirements do you have?
SNELL M15 or SNELL M10 and/or BSI 6658 Type A or ECE 22.05 with factory manufacturer date 6 years or less approved full face helmet in good, undamaged condition. A Snell approved helmet carrying a manufacture sticker of 6 years or less is acceptable. Proof of purchase is not acceptable. 
  • Special Imports with certification stickers from another country may be considered by race officials. Helmets without certification are not allowed, regardless of brand or model. There will be no exceptions to the use of un-certified helmets. 
  • Open face or modular type helmets are not allowed. 
  • Helmet face shields must be of shatterproof material. 
  • Helmets with slide style tinted shields accepted providing that they meet the safety standard listed above.

What do I need to know to tech my bike on a race weekend?
As a general rule registration and tech open at 7:00 a.m. You must first register before you tech your bike. Registration will give you a sticker to submit to your tech inspector. You will be required to bring your helmet for technical inspection.  You may also be asked to remove your lower fairings. Please refer to the schedule of events of that particular round for information that may have changed.

What time is bike tech open?
As a general rule registration and tech open at 7:00 a.m. Please refer to the schedule of events of that particular round for information that may have changed.

I crashed during a race, do I have to re-tech my bike?
Riders who crash shall NOT, at any time, ride their motorcycle back into the pits, or re-enter any practice, warm-up lap, race event, or cool-off lap unless corner marshal or SOAR Official approves. The motorcycle must be re-teched prior to any further event participation. Rider may be asked to present all protective equipment including suit, boots, gloves and helmet when re-teching. If directed to do so, a crashed rider MUST report to medical and be approved by them before continuing on track.
Sole discretion regarding a riders ability to compete rests solely upon EMR Medical Staff and is beyond appeal.
Where are SOAR Events held?
SOAR will be holding 6 events for the 2017 season. We will be racing at Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend ,Ontario.

Do I have to attend a riders meeting?
YES!! SOAR riders meetings are mandatory. Random attendance is taken at every meeting. This is to ensure you are aware of all on-track information and safety instructions. If you do not attend the riders meeting and your name was called attendance, it will result in a penalty (generally you will start at the back of the grid).

How much are gate fees? Do I have to pay for my pit crew?
Gate fees are as designated by the respective tracks. You should contact the tracks individually for information regarding fees and pit crew requirements. Please note that all racer may be required to show their SOAR race license upon arrival at the gate. We advise all racers to check with Grand Bend Motorplex regarding gate open/close times and any other requirements.

Where can I get contingency forms?
Contingency forms are available from applicable vendors.  Racers are responsible for handing in all contingency forms as well as conforming to those requirements. Failure to do so may result in a lost contingency.
What time does registration open?
Registration and tech inspection open at 7:00am on all days of a race event. Any changes will be printed in the applicable rounds schedule of events or announced at the track.

What do I need to bring to registration?
We recommend that every participant pre-register. You will receive a discounted entry fees if you pre-register for each event. The SOAR office must receive your registration no later than 8pm the Tuesday before each race round. There are no exceptions. (for greater clarification, any forms received at 8:01pm on the Tuesday before a race round will be processed at the tract at the "at-track" pricing) Pre-registraiton speeds up the registration process. Please ensure you complete your race registration form IN FULL. Incomplete forms may result in an incomplete registration.  We recommend all racers register as early as possible. This enables the grids to be posted sooner. If you are new to SOAR, you must comply to our license regulations (see above) We may need a copy of your accreditation.

For pre-registration, once SOAR receives your entry form (before the deadline), you will be sent an invoice with instructions to pay via our secure, online payment system.  Payments for all invoices must be received no later than 8pm, the Wednesday before the race round. Failure to pay for pre-registration will result in a cancelled registration (at track pricing will apply).

Please note that all racers who pre-register MUST check-in at registration and pickup their tech sticker.  In addition, ALL RACERS MUST BRING THEIR SOAR LICENSE TO REGISTRATION.

To register for a race round, visit our forms section to download the applicable entry form.

How much does it cost to race with SOAR?
SOAR 2017 Sprint Race Fees
Pre-register Pricing (pricing includes HST)
1st Class - 135.60
2nd Class - 101.70
3rd Class - 73.45
4th Class - 45.20
5th Class - 22.60
6th Class and above - Free

At the Track (pricing includes HST)
1st Class - 148.31
2nd Class - 113.00
3rd Class - 77.69
4th Class - 42.38
5th Class - 42.38
6th Class and above - Free

Endurance Entry Fee is $254.25 per team.  All team members must be current SOAR Race License Holders and must check-in at registration and attend Saturday's Riders Meeting. 

What classes does my bike qualify for?
Please refer to the SOAR rule book for detailed information regarding race classes. If you have a question about classes, please contact us at or through our contact page. On-site a SOAR Tech Inspector or qualified SOAR staff can give you information on the best classes your machine is suited for.

What payment methods does SOAR accept?
SOAR accepts VISA, MasterCard, Cash and Cheques (upon approval). If a cheque is returned, you will be responsible for all affiliated charges.  
How does SOAR score and time races?
SOAR utilizes a MyLaps transponder timing system. Racers are responsible for providing their own transponder for racing.  We do not sell transponders. You must visit to purchase. SOAR uses X2 Transponders. You will also be responsible for any subscription fees with your transponder. Please ensure your transponder number is on your registration form. This will ensure you are entered correctly into the database. We do have staff on-hand to assist with any questions - just make sure you ask us well in advance of racing.  SOAR does have a limited amount of transponders to rent for weekend events. They are $56.50 per weekend,  Racers must leave a credit card on file for security deposit.  They are only offered at the track on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that all Endurance teams must keep manual score sheets and hand them in at registration.   Although we do use the transponder system to time/score, we also use teams score sheets. Failure to hand in your teams score sheets will result in a DNS.

When are grids posted?
Grids are posted when registration is completed on Saturday. We post the first half of grids (morning grids) at approx. one hour prior to the first race. Remaining grids will be posted no later than the beginning of lunch break. Pre-registration assists timing & scoring with getting the grids posted sooner.

How do I submit a protest? Where can I find a protest form?
You can get a protest form from Registration or Tech Inspection. To file a protest, you must do it immediately. The protest period ends thirty (30) minutes after results are posted. To submit a protest please follow the guidelines in section 12 of the SOAR rule book.