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SOAR 2017 Round Three – Annual Memorial Weekend


As we approach the halfway point of the 2017 season, it brings with it, our annual memorial weekend. Since 2010, SOAR has honored and remembered our lost members. Included, is two of our original founders, Steve Shreeve (2009) and Jeff Waller (2014).

Steve was a long-time friend and teammate. He was a ferocious competitor on the track and an easy going prankster off the track. Steve left two children Kristen and Brandon.

Jeff (The Big Zipper) Waller was a close personal friend and a great competitor for many years. He was very accomplished riding anything with wheels, won a tonne of races (generally beating me) but always gracious. His SOAR start line antics are legendary. Jeff left a young son Griffin (who is a mini me copy of Jeff) and a loving wife Michaela.

Please join us in celebrating all our lost members. Along with our regular scheduled racing program, we will have Tyler Wilson (a good friend of both SOAR founders) bring his awesome buddies and play live music into the night on Saturday evening. Also on Saturday, we will be unveiling JP and Ermie’s new BBQ/Smoker assault vehicle, bringing the traditional free BBQ to the SOAR family.  Finally, on Sunday at lunchtime, we will hold our 8th annual costumed pit bike race. If you have never witnessed this, it’s something to behold!  Always hilarious!  Be sure to bring a camera…….and maybe a raincoat (you never know what’s going to fly around).

July also brings the first reverse direction round. The Screaming Alien is a favorite configuration for many. This layout lends itself well to smaller, more nimble machines.  Hopefully we will finally see dry enough weather to allow our Supermoto competitors to utilize their proper track – half dirt, half paved race surface. Always exciting to watch as everyone loves “The Tards”!

Finally, pre-registration closes at 8pm Tuesday July 18th. Please note this is a hard deadline! ANY emails received from 8:01pm onward are not opened. All invoices must be cleared by 8:00pm on Wednesday, July 19th. Any outstanding invoices beyond that time will be cancelled and entry fees revert to at track rates. 

Please note that the SOAR website is still currently unavailable. Unfortunately, updates are taking a little longer than expected. Forms for pre-entry, endurance and the Round Three schedule are attached at the bottom of this email for your convenience.  Thanks for your patience. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

We will share some laughs and a few tears.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


All racers must check in at the gate and sign your waiver.  You must also show your SOAR competition license at the gate to get entry.  Pit crew must pay the applicable gate fees for the weekend.   Also, all racers must check-in with the registration staff to sign in and get their sticker for tech inspection. Failure to check in will mean you will not be fully registered and you will be absent on the grid!

ALL RACERS REQUIRE A TRANSPONDER TO RACE!  SOAR has a small amount of rentals available for the weekend.  We do not sell transponders. You must visit to purchase. SOAR uses X2 Transponders.  You will also be responsible for any subscription fees with your transponder. Please ensure your transponder number is on your registration form.  This will ensure you are entered correctly into the database.  We do have staff on-hand to assist with any questions – just make sure you ask us well in advance of racing.

Join our Facebook Group as any last minute info/reminders/announcement will be posted there. 


Please note that everyone registered for the Endurance Race must check in at registration and present their 2017 SOAR Competition License to the registration staff.  Absolutely no additional riders are to be added without following this process.  Failure to comply will result in an incomplete registration and a DNS result. In addition, endurance riders are to attend the mandatory riders meeting at 8:15am on Saturday morning.  

Please check with In Tune Designs at the track if you didn’t pickup your plaque from Round Two, or if you won’t be there, have someone pick it up for you. (located at tech).

Visit our FORMS section to download pre-registration forms

Visit the Round Three Schedule & Info page to download the schedule. 

Please contact Grand Bend Motorplex for gate close times on Thurs/Fri.